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Introducing Our Digital Asset : Idinar

iDinar is a digital asset token backed by gold ownership certificate, tradable virtual units of gold ownership token based on Blockchain technology. iDinar’s technology simplifies the processing and facilitating of payments with an easy to use.  It eliminates the need to fill in complicated application forms, keying in pin numbers or physically signing in. No fuss, no hassle, no down time.

With I-Dinar we take you to the next level and provide you with the most advanced e-commerce, business and shopping experience (market place).

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The basic principle, 1 Unit of an iDinar is backed by 1 gram of physical gold.

The iDinar infrastructure is based on blockchain technology as it is a tried and tested system/technology today which has proven its cost effectiveness and efficiency in handling transactions of data and in keeping ledger/accurate accounting. In today’s new digital era, we cannot discount the development and use of blockchain technology just as we had the introduction of the internet.

The iDinar does NOT involve in ‘mining’ to create additional units. Actual physical gold mining and refining creates additional grammage/tonnes of gold which can be represented by iDinars, only when the owner of the gold deposits his each gram of gold for the issuance of each iDinar.

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