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Ibadah Group is the producer / issuer of Gold Ownership Certification of  iDinar. The promoter of Gold backed token with complete Shariah compliance platform. The provider of iDinar Exchange platform which shall act  as both Trading and Clearing house; also an integrated fintech solutions and service provider based in Qatar and Malaysia. With extensive experience acquired over the years, Ibadah Group aspires to evolve businesses and cultivate the digital landscape within the country. We aspire to solve our client’s complex business problems delivering seamless customer experience, actionable insights and business definiteness.


Ibadah Group has been providing cutting-edge solutions and expertise in delivering IT, FinTech, Trading and Digital innovations to various sectors including finance, banking, technology, e-commerce, property, tourism, NGO, Government and several National & Global arena and continue to build a range of state-of-the-art solutions and services while addressing technology challenges.


As  whole, we address the need of various communities and population with friendliness, transparency and integrate both a conventional and Shariah compliant platform. We are accountable in providing the best of advisory, practices, consultancy and services to our domestic and global Clients, Partners and Associates.

Ibadah Holdings Sdn. Bhd.  was incorporated in Malaysian on 9th September 1997 under the Companies Act, 1965 as a private limited company. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Ibadah Group (Labuan), which holds the license for the issuance and establishment of a gold-backed digital token, the iDinar and the iDinar based digital exchange, the i-DAX; a digital asset exchange launched in Qatar in March 2019.


Ibadah Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is the Malaysian company responsible for the development of the iDinar and the iDinar Exchange and is currently pursuing the approval as an Operator of a Recognized Market (Digital Asset Exchange) under its subsidiary company known as Ibadah Technologies Sdn. Bhd. under Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Ibadah Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiaries of Ibadah Group, provides ICT Professional Services and Outsourcing Services to our value clientele base comprising of multinational as well as local corporations. Our customers are from various industries including financial technology, manufacturing, infotainment, service providers and service sectors.


Our team comprises of IT professionals with more than 15 years of combined experience in ICT services in various industry sectors. The experience enable us to understand our customers’ diverse and changing needs, and tailor solutions to meet the needs. Through our strategic alliance partners, we have footprint in most Southeast Asia countries.

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Technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries. These advances are moving faster than the pace of business transformation in most organizations. Customers, however, are increasingly expecting digitally-connected experiences and favor companies that can provide a connected experience across digital channels.

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It is our firm belief that the right digital strategy can help companies increase their competitive advantage and enhance customer experience. That is where we have built our core expertise. At Ibadah Group, we tirelessly work towards accelerating our clients’ business transformation journeys by using cutting-edge platform-driven services. We do this in an agile, responsive and scalable manner, ensuring a significant impact on business with minimal disturbance.

Chief Executive Officer, Ibadah Holdings.

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