Executive Advisory Committees

Our Advisory Committees is composed of professionals holding key positions in the related service industries. Their main role is to oversees our business application fundamental, provides high level intellectual and strategic guidance which allows Ibadah to anticipate and adapt its development accordingly.

Our Advisory Committees is comprised of the following prominent scholars :

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Norbik Bashah Idris

Chairman, Advisory Board

Dato’ Abdul Manap Abdul Wahab

Advisory Board Member

Dato’ Sri Matthew Yeoh Chin Chong

Advisory Board Member

Our Board Members

Our system of procedures and principles that governs Ibadah’s management and operations is fundamental to our future success. Our Board Members is responsible for our strategy and for the supervision and oversight of our management, who implement day-to-day management policies, bring deep insights and diverse expertise to the strategic governance of the Group.

Our Board Members is comprised of the following leaders :

Shahruddin Chik

Director, Managing

Abd Razak Jamaludin

Director, Legislative Affairs

Hisham Ismail

Director, Tech Development

Azrin Wahab

Director, Project Development

Management Committees

Integrated Fintech Innovations

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